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Maxwell Fraval, DO (UK) MOSc(Paed)

Maxwell Fraval, DO (UK) MOSc(Paed) received his undergraduate osteopathic degree in England in 1978 and his masters level degree in pediatric osteopathy in Australia in 1998.  He has extensive additional training through post-graduate courses taken in Europe, Australia, and the US.  He has been involved in osteopathic teaching throughout his career and in Australia he has been instrumental in the development of several teaching programs and helped found two teaching foundations.

In 2012 he established the Australian Research College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ltd.  This is a non-profit public company with the mission of promoting and carrying out educational and research activities.  Mr. Fraval has several published papers in osteopathic journals and has contributed chapters for two osteopathic textbooks.

Dr. Fraval is a leading scholar in osteopathic manipulative medicine in general and osteopathy in the cranial field in particular. He, along with his colleagues in Australia and New Zealand, has developed a unique and innovative understanding in his application of osteopathy. He will be sharing this osteopathic knowledge and skills with US physicians who will benefit by being able to incorporate these approaches into their own clinical practices for the benefit of their patients. In addition, many of the US physicians attending the course are themselves teachers in post-graduate education and several of them are faculty at various US colleges of osteopathic medicine. And so there will be significant opportunities for exchange between Dr. Fraval and US faculty from around the country. Another task for Dr. Fraval is to begin to develop a select group of physicians here in the US that can become specialized in this approach and continue a high level of teaching in this subject.  

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