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Erich Blechschmidt, MD

Erich Blechschmidt was an anatomist and embryologist who worked for more than forty years on the problem of human form and the way that form arises in the course of ontogeny, principally during the first eight weeks or so after conception. He has provided us with more than 120 scientific papers and numerous books concerning the development of human form and function. One unique aspect of Blechschmidt's research is that it concentrates on the evidence presented by the human embryo itself, in the form of a comprehensive collection of about 200,000 serial sections of embryos at different ages and sixty-four enlarged total reconstructions at the University of Guttingen (The Blechschmidt Collection and Museum). The sustained investigation of this wealth of material led to a totally new way of looking at early human development, which compels us to re-think older interpretations based mainly on phylogenetic or molecular biological studies. It is possible to see how adult functions arise naturally and consistently from the embryo's earlier growth functions. This present book is a condensation of many of these findings and a presentation of the new viewpoint.
—Brian Freeman, Ph.D. Anatomy, UNSW, from the Preface

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The Ontogenetic Basis of Human Anatomy:

A Biodynamic Approach to Development from Conception to Birth

Erich Blechschmidt, MD
Publication Date:
Jul 12, 2004
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