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Philippe Druelle, DO (F-Qc), DScO

Philippe Druelle (F-Qc), DScO is a renowned osteopath and international speaker. He will be presenting at OCC for the 18th time to share his passion, knowledge, experience, and skills. Professor and founder of several osteopathic campuses in Canada and Europe, he is a pioneer in the application of the Osteopathic concepts to the endocranium and the dynamics of the ventricular network and brain, particularly in relations to traumatic brain injuries and other neurological disorders. He developed numerous techniques to restore the functions of the brain, the heart and the abdomen. He has also contributed in the fields of osteopathic pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics. Involved in research for the past 20 years, he will share his knowledge and considerations during the seminar will present his vision of an osteopathic clinical methodology to offer an appropriate treatment for each patient, in relation to the universal forces. We are privileged to welcome him, to share his 36 years of experience on this amazing topic.

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