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David Marcus, DDS

Dr. David Marcus, DDS, graduated with distinction from Loyola University College of Dental Surgery (1961). He was in private practice in Chicago, IL, from 1965 to 2021. In 1979, Dr. Marcus met Dr. Frymann in New York and completed her 5-day basic cranial course there. He subsequently participated in her 3-day advanced course, as well as her 5-day course again in 1981 and 1982. The cranial concept and practice became a major part of his dental practice, enhancing and expanding his ability to more completely treat patients. In 1983, Dr. Frymann invited Dr. Marcus to assist as a table trainer in her basic cranial course; they collaborated in this way for the next 29 years until Dr. Frymann retired. Though retired from active clinical dentistry in 2020, Dr. Marcus continues to practice the dental application of cranial procedures to resolve the many complex dental and other undiagnosed pain and discomfort issues referred to his dental office. Marcus Dental Practice, located in the heart of Chicago’s Loop, has been providing exceptional patient care for over 55 years. He focuses on acquiring skills in the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Problems (jaw pain) and Myofascial Pain Dysfunction (head and neck pain).

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