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The Collected Papers of Viola M. Frymann, DO (Vol. 1): Legacy for Osteopathy to Children

Dr. Hollis King, DO, PhD, FAAO, FCA
American Academy of Osteopathy
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From the Editor's foreword: 

This book presents a portion of the work done by Viola M. Frymann, DO, in her service to humanity. Through her direct contact with patients, parents, students, and colleagues, Dr. Frymann has guided, encouraged, inspired, and challenged with deep and telling effect which many be only sensed in these papers. These papers are some of the products of a truly remarkable career in osteopathic medicine, spanning over fifty years, and still going. In these papers, we see the manifestations of her life as a scientist, teacher, physician-healer, philosopher, mother, and steward of the profession. Herein presented is a broad, but pure, perspective on Osteopathy.

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