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Osteopathy In The Cranial Field (1st Edition)

Harold Ives Magoun, D.O.
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The Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation has reprinted this first edition of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field in its original form - the only edition personally approved by William Garner Sutherland, D.O. First published in 1951, this reprint is a faithful reproduction of the original. 

Undertaken as a "labor of love," the late Dr. Harold I. Magoun, Sr. compiled and edited this text. It is based upon a manua by Drs. Howard and Rebecca Lippincott, an essay by Dr. Paul Kimberly, conulatations with Dr. Sutherland regarding his concept as taught between 1939 and 1950, and Dr. Magoun's own experience along with that of his colleagues. 

Dr. Sutherland's influence is readily apparent "in between the lines" of this text. the conepts are presented in a bold, direct sytyle and include information, illustrations, and quotations not found in later editions. While later editions were able to improve on the few errors that were discovered, the flavor of Dr. Sutherland's teachings is strongest in this edition.