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Healing in the Time of Covid

2 Hours
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Please Note: Programs with a ☾ insignia begin after 5pm or air on the weekend.

Please Note: Programs with a ☾ insignia begin after 5pm or air on the weekend.


***  A Gathering of Healers  ***  An Evening of Sharing. ***

A Conversation about Pandemic Shock and a Paradigm Shift in Healing

Please join me for a gathering of healers to share and discuss our collective experiences during the past three years of providing healing during the COVID Pandemic. I operate a tertiary level chronic pain­ oriented osteopathic heallng practice ln New York City (where I focus upon the Interfaces between tissue and energy and the embryological/sacred geometry basis of healing). 

In the past three years. I have found that to be responsive to the changing needs of my patients during the time of the virus, I have been required to remal\e my paradigm and even shift my own censciousness ... and provide different serts of treatments for me to effectively support my patients' healing requirements. Specifically, I have consistently observed a debilitating energetic condition (apparently connected with chronic COVID symptoms) that I have come to call "Pandemic Shock." To be effective at treating this Pandemic Shoek I have been farced to create new and unique healing practices, wtiich In turn provided great relief from both acute and chronic COVID symptoms, as well as the general malaise that has pervaded this time. I am sure that I'm not the only one.


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