The Living Matrix Series - Primary Respiration, Uncut: The Intelligence of the Tide (2022)

Course Description

This series of lectures meets the goal of increasing the understanding of the osteopathic physician relative to Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine in the Cranial Field, its metabolic components and energetic aspects, to advance the core competency of Osteopathic Patient Care. The lectures fill the need relative to what Dr. Still meant by “biogen,” by “mind, matter, and motion,” and what these terms imply for osteopathic treatment. The series looks at the biochemical basis of self-healing and how one addresses that through vectors, fulcra, attractors, and information science to explain the poorly understood phenomena one meets in working with the primary respiratory mechanism. The lectures examine the effects of attention, intention and visualization in treatment and how potency of fluid affects the semiconductor and piezoelectric qualities of fascia.

This series of lectures examines the poorly understood phenomena encountered in Osteopathic Medicine in the Cranial Field:

1. Living Matrix – a detailed description of the biochemistry of self-healing.

2. Triune Mankind – What Dr. Still meant by “mind, matter, and motion.”

3. What’s the Mechanism? – a full exploration of primary respiration and what it means to osteopathic treatment.

4. The Dwelling Place – What Dr. Still meant by these words relative to spirit and fascia.

5. Intelligence of the Tide – What Dr. Sutherland implied by these words relative to the spontaneous nature of self-healing.

Target Audience
This activity is for osteopathic and medical physicians (DO/MD), and International Osteopaths.

Approved (OPC/OCA/SCTF) 40-hour Introduction to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field course. Please email proof of completion of an approved course from OPC, OCA or SCTF to